License Information

New Player Freeware Licence"

New Player is a product from Softpulse SL under Freware license

The user is authorized to:

  • Download and install free software on his computer
  • Copying and / or redistribute this software

It is specifically forbidden:

  • Commercial use of this software
  • Making alterations or changes in the source code

If you have questions about the use of these licenses, contact us here distributes modified installers that are different to the originals. The modified installers are compatible with the policies of the manufacturer of the original software and the terms and conditions. The installer is an installer manager of the chosen software. Apart from managing the installation of the software chosen, the installer will make free additional software recommendations which could interest you, this can include toolbars, browser complements, game applications, anti-virus applications and other types of applications. It isn't necessary to install any additional software in order to receive the chosen software. You can completely delete the software in any moment in Windows "Add/Remove programs".. In the moment of the installation you are accepting the conditions of use and the privacy policies established by The installation shall run through a download manager that belongs to the installer. The download manager mentioned doesn't have any relation with the software author. has as an objective to offer virus free and malware free downloads. The download manager is part of our antivirus and anti malicious system, filtering and certifying the reliability of the file; the download manager offers the optional installation of a toolbar.